Never underestimate the power of the New York Times

Never underestimate the power of the New York Times. Back in July 2008 we experienced a sudden spurt in the number of people signing up for Loa accounts. And by “sudden spurt” I mean about 10 times more people signing up each day than had been the case up to that time. A puzzle. A nice puzzle, but a puzzle nonetheless. I checked the logs of the activity on our website, and there had been a huge spike in visitors. Again, an increase of a factor of 10 in a single day. A little sleuthing led me to the New York Times and David Pogue’s column entitled “Mobile Me E-Mail for the Rest of Us?” Apple had just released Mobile Me e-mail, and Pogue was asking if someone could somehow get the same mobile experience for other email addresses. A reader of the column, going only by the name of Mike, had posted a comment:

I was having the same comment just using the Mac Mail program together with MobileMe. Setting the SMTP server to GMail, and then customizing the “from” field in GMail doesn’t work, because Outlook recipients will see this as “, sent on behalf of” The solution, which I have been using for a week without issues, is Loa PowerTools.

Even though the comment was buried on the second page of the comments, that single mention in The Times triggered an avalanche of new Loa customers, most of whom, I’m delighted to say, we still have.

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