LoaPost behind firewalls

I had a two-day session last week with a client. We were working on-site on a number of pretty difficult issues related to the natural resources industry. Their IT department, as you might expect in that sector, is fanatical about security. They have the corporate firewalls at that site locked down as tightly as they possibly can.

At their site, you can’t send email to an external server, although you can receive. You can browse, unless the site you want has been “black holed” and forbidden. FTP ports are closed. VPNs — except their own, of course — are blocked.

Everybody on the work team was frustrated. The IT department was asked if they could open an exception through the firewall, but declined.

I was the only one who could send out email … thanks to LoaPost. It uses an email server, of course, but that server is on my laptop. As far as the firewalls were concerned, LoaPost was perfectly behaved, and it permitted me to communicate normally with the outside world. It was great to be able to concentrate on the work I had to do rather than on infrastructural details that prevented me from doing it.


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