Cell-phone provider hopping

The area where I work is very hilly. This makes cell-phone service just dreadful: I am connected to Bell when I am at my office, but, 1 kilometre away, I can only get a signal from Rogers. When I’m in town at a restaurant, I can’t get any signal at all, so I have to use the restaurant’s WiFi connection.

At one time, this would drive me nuts. When I wanted to send work email from anywhere but my office, I would beĀ  forced to use my me.com account or use webmail. I don’t want to “break my branding” so me.com is out, and webmail on an iPhone … well, I’m just not that patient.

But these days, I just start the LoaPost mail server on my iPhone, and then I can send mail from any email account I want … from anywhere.

It’s a big relief, I can tell you.

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