Make Your webcams work again

If you are like me, you have a lot of fun with web cameras — and your domestic partner is happy because your hobby makes your house more secure when you are away. Trouble is, when your ISP won’t permit unsecured port 25 traffic, some Web cameras won’t work, as this blog entry shows.

I had the same experience. I had a great WebCam setup at home, running on an old HP laptop (the pen-and-tablet kind that was on TV a lot until the iPad showed up). I had it set up to trigger with a motion sensor, and to mail images to my cell phone when nobody was home. I never did catch a burglar, but I did manage to watch my own surprise birthday party being set up.

Trouble is, one day Telus (my ISP at the time) decided it needed more authentication than the WebCam software could provide. I couldn’t send out via Port 25 any more.

The solution was pretty easy. I used LoaPost (at one time called Loa PowerTools).

It worked great.

Typically, a web camera is connected to a computer and will have its own software for sending email. If you run LoaPost on that computer, you can set the outgoing email port to be whatever the camera demands … and everything works just fine from that point on in.


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