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LoaPost behind firewalls

I had a two-day session last week with a client. We were working on-site on a number of pretty difficult issues related to the natural resources industry. Their IT department, as you might expect in that sector, is fanatical about … Continue reading

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Cell-phone provider hopping

The area where I work is very hilly. This makes cell-phone service just dreadful: I am connected to Bell when I am at my office, but, 1 kilometre away, I can only get a signal from Rogers. When I’m in … Continue reading

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Make Your webcams work again

If you are like me, you have a lot of fun with web cameras — and your domestic partner is happy because your hobby makes your house more secure when you are away. Trouble is, when your ISP won’t permit … Continue reading

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SmartPhone downloading away from WiFi

My wife and I travel together a lot. To make the time pass quickly, we will often load up our iPhones with audiobooks and then use a splitter with dual volume controls to listen to a novel together. It’s a … Continue reading

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